All in a day’s work :)

Ok so I finally got that boot up the rear end I needed to get my sew-jo back 🙂 yay. Today my workplace held a dress like a hippy day to raise a few dollars for our social club and just for a bit of fun too. I only found out about it a week ago and as usual I left it to the very last minute to arrange something to wear as I don’t have any hippy style clothing in my wardrobe. So after asking on my favorite sewing groups on Facebook and looking through my stash of fabric I decided to make a vest, tunic and of course……flares 🙂

Luckily I already had a pattern for a vest at home which my boyfriends dad asked me to make him a vest with this really expensive fabric he’d bought. But I guess I was a bit worried I would stuff it up because I am still learning, so I ended up pushing it aside. But now that I have made one for myself I am much more confident to make his one now 🙂 Anyhow, this is the pattern I used.

Kwik Sew Pattern 2314

Kwik Sew Pattern 2314

Yeah I know it’s a men’s pattern but who really cares right? I don’t lol.

I made it in the XXL which ended up being quite generously sized. I didn’t add the pockets or the tie at the back though.

The finished product :) it was the first time I had fully lined a garment and it turned out really well and i am very happy with it.

The finished product 🙂 it was the first time I had fully lined a garment and it turned out really well and i am very happy with it.

In all honesty I am not the fastest at sewing so the vest took me about 6 hours from cut to finish so I was delighted to find an old mock-up I started making about a year ago for a tunic top (saved me wasting time starting fresh). It was made from calico which was sort of hippy-ish and all it needed was all the seems to be finished and hemmed……SCORE!!! Then all I had to do was make some flares. I decided to go the removable way and did an elastic pair that I could slip on over my jeans 🙂

The ensemble

The ensemble

I am pretty happy with how it all turned out. I teamed it up with some blue aviators and braids in my hair and the reaction I got from my co-workers was fantastic….but the amount of funny looks and double takes I got from the customers was hilarious.

Me being my usual nutty self :)

Me being my usual nutty self 🙂

Not bad for a Sundays sewing efforts. Thanks for reading and hopefully I will post again soon.

Bye for now xox


Sew much for that!

Ok so apparently I suck at keeping a blog as much as I do trying to keep a diary lol. I admit I haven’t even turned on my sewing machine lately. Kinda feel like I have lost my sew-jo. But hopefully that will all change this weekend as on Monday my work is holding a dress up day to raise funds for our social club and also to officially celebrate our spring launch so we have to dress up in hippy/flower power type clothing. Needless to say I am probably a little young to have a pair of flares in my closet but I will certainly get in the spirit of things and whip something up to wear on the day. I am sure I can find some fabric to use from my enormous stash lol. Ahh nothing like a deadline to get you motivated 😉 hehe. Until next time….