Sewcation – Part 3

Hi everyone πŸ™‚ I meant to write this up a couple days ago but hubby and I went to Sydney for the night because we had tickets to the WWE wrestling. And no I’m not kidding lol. Hubby is a fan but I like paying out on them πŸ˜‰

Anyhow my next project I completed during my holidays was a Simplicity pattern for a change. It was pattern 4556 in view D in size 32. I used a polyester fabric which I picked up from an Op Shop (thrift store). I only paid about $3.00 for about 4 metres……bargain!!!!


Now I have to say that I HATE this pattern for a few reasons.

1. The shoulders didn’t line up so I had to put a small pleat in each so it would work. But I didn’t realise this till I had gone too dear so had to unpick a heap of it.

2. The front yoke I found very difficult and said many choice words in the process of completing it.

3. And finally after all the swearing and carrying to get it done I put it on and it looks fantastic and fits great… now I’ll have to endure all that pain again because I want another one lol. But at least I know what to do differently next time I guess.

Here is the finished product.







Bye for now xox


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