Sewcation – Part 4

On Thursday I was ready for my next project and I had been inspired by a thread I was reading on Facebook about the Sisboom Angie dress. I bought the pattern ages ago but hadn’t even looked at it yet.

Since I hadn’t used the pattern before I decided to do a muslin of the bodice as my bust and waist measurement is larger than the biggest size on the pattern.

Since I’d run out of calico to do my muslin I had a look in my stash and I had just enough of that black and white fabric that I made the circle skirt with the other week left to use instead.

I made the bodice with the bias tape on the inside. As I was saying before about my measurements being larger by just over an inch, to give that extra ease I just didn’t do the darts in the back of the bodice which gave a couple of inches. The bodice fit so well that I decided to make use of it instead of letting it go to waste. And being the lover I am of 50’s styling I chose to add a circle skirt instead of what the Angie pattern recommends. I used some black fabric which you would normally use for business pants as it has a slight stretch but I liked the weight and had heaps of it so figured why not.

So I got the measurement by laying the bodice flat and measuring across the bottom.


I used the website to work out my cutting measurements. Folded my fabric twice and I marked the measurements with my trusty Chaco liner and joined the dots.


I pinned near the chalk marking to avoid the fabric slipping and cut it out.


I marked the centres with pins and attached the skirt starting by pinning from the centre front to the back. There was excess at the back so I gathered the fabric and attached to the bodice. As the pattern call for I still attached a 6mm elastic to the seam. Then I overlocked (serger) the edge and folded up 1/2 an inch for the hem.






All in all I am really happy with it. Definitely going to wear it with legging as it’s pretty short but I still love it ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope your all having a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ bye for now xox


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