Because I really needed an excuse to make another dress πŸ˜œ

Hello lovelies ❀️

As the heading suggests, I am about to share with you my latest creation.

My beautiful cousin Leia was married on the 1st of November. In true form I used this as an excuse to make another frock 😊. And so came the trouble of choosing a style, pattern and fabric. The problem was that I have sooooooo much fabric and sooooooo many patterns but not so much time…..eek.

I ended up going through my iPad (I am a serial screen shooter) inspiration photos and narrowed it down to 4 styles which were the following.


Then I chose 4 fabrics that would suit those styles…..


But I was at a loss. I simply couldn’t decide. So I uploaded both photos to my personal page plus a couple of sewing groups on facebook and took a vote over 24 hours. And the majority voted C3….. So that’s what I made.

I didn’t have a pattern so I had to make my own….which for a first timer was a little daunting. And after a few failed attempts I decided to just simplify it. It is basically a rectangle that i increased one end on the fold and rounded it off. And gathered under each breast (Forgot to take photos of the process after the first couple of failures). Added a waistband and a lovely long circle skirt.



And added a few buttons for effect.



To me it seemed to be missing something though. You guessed it! It wasn’t full enough. So I made a petti skirt 😊


I used the 50’s petti skirt tutorial on the Burda Style website as a guideline.


And here is the finished product. I love it.