Because I really needed an excuse to make another dress πŸ˜œ

Hello lovelies ❀️

As the heading suggests, I am about to share with you my latest creation.

My beautiful cousin Leia was married on the 1st of November. In true form I used this as an excuse to make another frock 😊. And so came the trouble of choosing a style, pattern and fabric. The problem was that I have sooooooo much fabric and sooooooo many patterns but not so much time…..eek.

I ended up going through my iPad (I am a serial screen shooter) inspiration photos and narrowed it down to 4 styles which were the following.


Then I chose 4 fabrics that would suit those styles…..


But I was at a loss. I simply couldn’t decide. So I uploaded both photos to my personal page plus a couple of sewing groups on facebook and took a vote over 24 hours. And the majority voted C3….. So that’s what I made.

I didn’t have a pattern so I had to make my own….which for a first timer was a little daunting. And after a few failed attempts I decided to just simplify it. It is basically a rectangle that i increased one end on the fold and rounded it off. And gathered under each breast (Forgot to take photos of the process after the first couple of failures). Added a waistband and a lovely long circle skirt.



And added a few buttons for effect.



To me it seemed to be missing something though. You guessed it! It wasn’t full enough. So I made a petti skirt 😊


I used the 50’s petti skirt tutorial on the Burda Style website as a guideline.


And here is the finished product. I love it.






Super Hero Day at work

Hi guys πŸ™‚ sorry it’s been a while. I haven’t had a lot of time to write on here since being back at work. You know how it is? You eat, sleep, work, clean then repeat. Story of my life. I have managed to get a little bit of sewing in though (when I should have been cleaning lol). In particular yesterday. And it was actually very lucky I had an RDO otherwise I may have been left wearing a pair of knickers on the outside of my leggings lol. Wouldn’t that have been a sight.

Anyhow, I was lucky enough to finish early the day before so after work I drove on up to Bathurst to my nearest Spotlight store with this pic in hand for inspiration.


In fine form as per usual it turns out that this pattern isn’t in Aussie stores till next season.

Plan B

So I decided how hard could it be to come up with something myself similar. Not very it turns out.

For the bodice I used the Sis boom Angie pattern which I’ve used on previous projects. I used this lovely blue satin and bound the neck and arm holes with blue bias tape folded under then stitched. I then cut a 3 inch thick piece of gold stretch denim (I never realised his hard it would be to find suitable gold fabric) by the width of the bodice x 2. Sewed the ends together and with the seam at the centre back attached it to my bodice.


I then cut a standard circle skirt from this lovely red rayon and attached that to the band, stretching the band slightly where needed to fit. I then overlocked the bottom hem with my 4 thread overlocker and folded it over twice and sewed for a clean finish.

For the cape I used the width of the rayon x my shoulder to ankle length. I simply cut a curved edge at the bottom and hemmed the same as I did the dress. I didn’t bother doing the sides because they were both salvages anyway and I figured they with be safe from fraying. Plus I didn’t want it to be too bulky.

At the top of the cape it was too wide so I put about 5 one inch pleats overlapping one another on each side and ran a basting stitch thought the pleats. I then overlocked the raw edge the whole way along.

To attached the cape I used my KAM snap press. I used two on each shoulder and two on each side of the cape but I wanted the fold over effect so on the cape I put the snaps with the cap on the wrong side if that makes sense.

For the emblem I cut the shape in heavy weight fusible interfacing and ironed it onto a piece of scrap yellow cotton. I folded over the edges and stitched close to the edge. I then cut pieces of thin red bias tape and pinned it around the edge, wrapping the ends under so there was no raw edges and stitched. Then I used thick bias tape to form the S and stitched around its edges. Then I found my centre of my bodice and followed the stitching on the red edging and attached it to the bodice.

Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out.




As you can see I also got a bit creative with my scraps and made forearm cuffs and stockings to match πŸ™‚


The dress isn’t actually crooked I was just standing funny…., as usual lol.



Well I hope you all enjoyed that. If you did please click follow for email updates when I write new posts. Feel free to comment with any questions. I should have another post up soon.

Bye for now lovelies xox

Sewcation – Part 4

On Thursday I was ready for my next project and I had been inspired by a thread I was reading on Facebook about the Sisboom Angie dress. I bought the pattern ages ago but hadn’t even looked at it yet.

Since I hadn’t used the pattern before I decided to do a muslin of the bodice as my bust and waist measurement is larger than the biggest size on the pattern.

Since I’d run out of calico to do my muslin I had a look in my stash and I had just enough of that black and white fabric that I made the circle skirt with the other week left to use instead.

I made the bodice with the bias tape on the inside. As I was saying before about my measurements being larger by just over an inch, to give that extra ease I just didn’t do the darts in the back of the bodice which gave a couple of inches. The bodice fit so well that I decided to make use of it instead of letting it go to waste. And being the lover I am of 50’s styling I chose to add a circle skirt instead of what the Angie pattern recommends. I used some black fabric which you would normally use for business pants as it has a slight stretch but I liked the weight and had heaps of it so figured why not.

So I got the measurement by laying the bodice flat and measuring across the bottom.


I used the website to work out my cutting measurements. Folded my fabric twice and I marked the measurements with my trusty Chaco liner and joined the dots.


I pinned near the chalk marking to avoid the fabric slipping and cut it out.


I marked the centres with pins and attached the skirt starting by pinning from the centre front to the back. There was excess at the back so I gathered the fabric and attached to the bodice. As the pattern call for I still attached a 6mm elastic to the seam. Then I overlocked (serger) the edge and folded up 1/2 an inch for the hem.






All in all I am really happy with it. Definitely going to wear it with legging as it’s pretty short but I still love it πŸ™‚

Hope your all having a great weekend πŸ™‚ bye for now xox

Lazy Sunday sew day

Hello lovelies πŸ™‚

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have actually been sick most of it so haven’t really done much of anything to be honest. I have bronchitis and it’s really knocked me on my rear end.

Moving on……. So the other day I posted that red and black tulle pettiskirt I made and I mentioned that I’d have to make a skirt to go with it. Well I became a little motivated yesterday and picked out some fabric and did a pre-wash. Aaaaaand that was as far as I got lol.

So today after sitting around on my backside wallowing in my germ infested self pity until about midday πŸ˜‰ I again found a shred of motivation. Grabbed the fabric out of the dryer and managed draw, cut and sew the whole skirt in about 3 hours lol. Pitiful I know. I mean I am not the fastest sewer on the planet on my best day but I had a couple of phone calls and numerous coughing fits in the time period……yeah yeah blah blah poor me *blows raspberry*.

Now I do apologise for my crappy photos. My hubby does the best he can in the poor lighting on my iPhone. When I become rich I will hire a proper photographer lol.

Cutting out fabric


Front shot with pettiskirt underneath


Side shot with pettiskirt


And here is a couple without the pettiskirt underneath



All in all I am pretty happy with it. It’s super comfy. And I think I’ll make a few more. Just need to tweak my measurements a tad.

Thanks again for reading and hope to share some more soon πŸ™‚ bye for now xx